Course Offerings

The Center for the Law of Innovation and Competition (CLIC), in collaboration with the Institute for Economic Law (IWR), regularly offers the following courses:

Course Offerings at the Bachelor's Level

  • Economic Law 1 (Part III: Competition and Intellectual Property Law, including the Commercial and IP Registers) (6 ECTS) (in German)

Course Offerings at the Master's Level

  • Intellectual Property (10 ECTS) (in German)
  • International Intellectual Property Law (5 ECTS) (in English)
  • Competition Law (5 ECTS) (in German)
  • The Practice of the Antitrust Authorities (5 ECTS) (in German)
  • Private Media Law (5 ECTS) (in German)
  • European Data Protection Law (5 ECTS) (in English)
  • IT Law (5 ECTS) (in German)
  • Oxford Intellectual Property Moot Court (10 ECTS Fall; 5 ECTS Spring, if invited) (in English)
  • Seminars in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (5 ECTS) (in German or English)